Session replay
for Flutter

Instantly reproduce bugs with a single click, directly from your app

Entering closed beta soon

We have engineered perfect session replay

Stop reading logs trying to figure out what happened. Replay instantly, with one click.

In-app replay

Stay in your dev environment and replay the apps directly from your debug builds.

Private by default

Compliant with PII guidelines with our TotalMock feature. We will never have any user information.

Response mocking

We capture requests, anonymize them, save it in the session and replay it back for precise bug reproduction.

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entering closed beta soon


We're hoping to work with teams willing to invest in their quality. Pricing is fixed for unlimited team seats and replays during closed beta

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General questions about session replay and how it works

Does it record every user session?

No. We keep track of the session on the device. Only when the user experiences an issue do we anonymise the information and save that session to the cloud.

What security measures are in place?

- A session stays on device until an issue occurs
- A session is cleared once a new session starts
- All data that leave the device is anonymized
Our backend will never have any identifiable information about your users. It's scrubbed before it leaves the device

Will there be a free tier?

Not now. Our goal is to build the best possible toolset for creating high-quality production applications. We want to work with teams that are willing to invest in the quality of their product.

How do we get into closed beta?

We believe it will bring value to a very specific type of developer or team. The founding team will reach out using the email you submit and ask a few questions to confirm.

Is this an analytics solution?

No. Our goal is to make the process of finding, fixing and automating bug testing faster. Session replay is the first phase of our ultimate solution. Which includes automatically generating integration tests for all previously logged bugs.

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